#008 Lidor Dayan – A lifestyle of Discipline, Hard Work, and Dedication

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“Focus on your own trail, and eventually you will be fine. When it comes to fitness, or any other thing, go for the long run… Fitness is a lifetime commitment, it’s not a 90-Day protocol, it’s a lifetime commitment and once you stick it in your head and you know how, then just start.” – Lidor Dayan

In this episode, our guest is Lidor Dayan (@lidor.d). Lidor is a twenty-six-year-old business and life coach, and he is a man on a mission. He focuses on the connection between the mind and the body and teaches people that through fitness, you can not only change your body, but also your belief system with regard to how you perceive yourself.

Today, Lidor and I will be diving into his humble beginnings and how he was heavily inspired early on by Tony Robbins. We will also cover several topics around fitness including nutrition, approaches to key exercises that should be a staple in everybody’s routine, and how he trains people by using his signature Discipline, Hard work, and Dedication (DHD) System.

“Everything relates with the mind and the body and your nutrition of course… you want to make sure all three are aligned, you have a good diet, you are moving your body, and you have a good mindset…” – Lidor Dayan

The mindsets behind the DHD System are absolutely crucial to not only becoming physically fit, but designing & maintaining a high-performance lifestyle for yourself.

We will also be doing a deep-dive into some more nuanced mindsets behind an effective sleep schedule, maintaining testosterone levels, and the importance of finding balance between accountability from others and sustaining self-motivation.

Lidor’s Final Lesson:

“Believe in yourself, son, don’t let no other people’s voices get in your head, and just do you. Be you. That’s it.”

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