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In this episode our guest is Jon Benson an expert in the topics of NLP, Marketing, and Copywriting.

Jon started out as an online fitness author. Soon after, when trying to write the copy for his second book, Jon started to develop the revolutionary concept of the video sales letter.

This concept has earned some of Jon’s clients over a billion dollars in sales and has been the gateway to the majority of the video sales letters that we see online today.

Jon is recently in the middle of launching CopyPro.ai, a disruptive new platform that utilizes the power of blockchain and AI in order to make it easier than ever for copywriters to do their job and for businesses to have copy that is tested and proven to convert. CopyPro’s online platform quickly connects the most talented sales copywriters and content authors with the marketers, entrepreneurs, and business owners who require their talents and services. Every piece of content you’ll ever need has been written in advance utilizing financially-tested marketing formulas that are proven to convert successfully in virtually every niche and industry. If you are a copywriter that is looking to get paid more or a business owner that is looking for tested content and proven to convert copy make sure to visit https://copypro.ai/.

In this episode, we are going to be diving into the power of words, marketing and copywriting automation, and the impact that copy has on the world. We are also going to be touching on the power of vulnerability and how having empathy is one of the single most important things that copywriter can have . Jon also gives you step-by-step tips for writing amazing copy.

 A couple of those tips are:Write a letter to yourself utilizing the persuasion quadrant (wants, needs, fears, actions) to persuade yourself into doing something that you’ve been putting off. Utilizing NLP commands like ” remember” rather than “don’t forget” The term “but”, how it can disqualify what you just said, and how to properly use it in copy

 Personal Book Recommendations:

Epic Love – Jon Benson (Coming Soon)

Desire – Saida Desilets

Rocks: My Life In and Out of Aerosmith – David Ritz

Lying – Sam Harris

Jon Benson:

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Copypro.ai: https://copypro.ai/

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