#004 Mario Tomic – How Can Entrepreneurs Reach Peak Performance

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Here at Hustle System, we dive into the patterns of success and failure for some of the top entrepreneurs, artists, and business leaders today to help you uncover the secrets of their high-performance lifestyle design.

In this episode, our guest is Mario Tomic

He is a fitness and high performance expert that specializes in helping busy entrepreneurs get in great shape and perform at their best. 

In this episode we go deep into Marios humble beginnings. We touch on how he went from a broke 23 year old living with his parents in Croatia, to the successful entrepreneur that he is now.

We explore topics such as how can someone go from a fixed mindset to a iterative mindset, what is the best advice for entrepreneurs that are just starting out, and how to find the right mentors when you have no one around you to mentor you.

We also dive into what are the 4 key factors that every entrepreneur needs to always perform at their best, what is your why and how that why has to evolve over time if you want to be effective, and what are some marketing tactics you can use to grow your Youtube following organically.

“ Go for it, there is no such thing as failure. You’re going to live and die anyways so why not give it a shot and do whatever it is you want to do. Dedicate yourself to something and see what happens.” – Mario Tomic

Some other topics that we talk about In the podcast are:How does Mario structure his Fitness Mastery Coaching Program to get the best results for his clients. Go to https://www.tomic.com/clients to see clients results and get free personalized assessment.  Youtube’s algorithm and how to leverage it in your favor. What is the number one reason why people are not consistent. High performance habits that every entrepreneur must do to perform optimally. What can you do to feel more alive as an entrepreneur and appreciate the magic of life.

Mario’s Personal Book Recommendations:

The War Of Art – Steven Pressfield

Start With Why – Simon Sinek

The 4-Hour Work Week – Tim Ferriss

Own The Day – Aubrey Marcus

People Mentioned:
Owen Cook – Rsd Tyler
Robert Kiyosaki
Seth Godin
Tai Lopez
Steven Pressfield
Simon Sinek
Tim Ferriss
Aubrey Marcus

Mario’s Website: https://www.tomic.com/

Mario’s IG ► https://www.instagram.com/mariotomich/

Mario’s YT ► https://www.youtube.com/user/shockingfit/featured


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