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Product Catalog Design

There is a massive difference between having a single product vs a well-developed, LTV-optimized product catalog that's designed for ascension and retention.

Funnel Architecture

We architect a funnel ecosystem, insuring that you are not leaving leads and money on the table in your business.

Hint: This systematic approach is what separates the major players from everyone else.

Content Strategy

We will assist you in establishing a warm and cold traffic strategy, backed by eye-catching, captivating content that engages your viewers.

My Story

My name is Mikhail Kuznetsov.

I used to be just another DJ in Los Angeles, living in a tiny apartment, struggling to pay my rent, bills, and still have enough money to eat.

I was constantly frustrated, tired, and felt like there was no hope.

I’d constantly be kept up at night with anxiety.
“What if my girlfriend leaves and I can’t pay my rent?”
“What if I don’t get another gig this month?”

Then one day I got lucky, when I met Tai Lopez.

I worked side-by-side with Tai as he taught me everything I needed to know about digital marketing.


I’ve spent the last decade helping top brands start, build, and scale their companies.

I worked with Tai Lopez for 3 and a half years, helping him architect his back end CRM.

I pivoted Jumpcut Studios from a small creative firm to a content-creation JUGGERNAUT.

At my peak, I was the C.M.O. (Chief Marketing Officer) and C.F.O. (Chief Financial Officer) at a company generating over one million dollars per month in revenue, with a top month of $1,178,563.48.

I’ve devoted 10+ years of my life to working with the top marketing industry leaders & getting my clients to the highest level of achievement possible.

Now, it’s your turn.

What is possible


There is no business without leads.

If you can’t get eyes on your content, your business is over before it even started.

After seeing this happen to COUNTLESS startups over the years, I’ve finally decided to do everything in my power about it.

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So you’ve got their attention, but do they have any BUY-IN

What is their incentive to invest in what you offer?

Any business that hopes to make it off the ground NEEDS to seamlessly navigate the emotional and logical objections of their prospects.

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You’re finally making some sales, but how many of these clients are in for the LONG-HAUL?

If you don’t think that this is important, then you need a MAJOR mindset shift

Having a dedicated following of LIFETIME customers means the difference between you HAVING to convert new leads, and you CHOOSING to convert new leads.

Without a solid retention plan, you’ll have to Acquire and Convert new leads CONSTANTLY just to stay afloat.

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